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Have a question or comment for the PUD? Below you will find the information needed to contact various departments at the PUD - by phone or email.

If you have a specific request for service we recommend using our My Accounts page. Once you register with an email address and password, you can click on SERVICE REQUEST and let us know how we can help you. It's the best way to ask a question or report a problem with your service.

Cowlitz PUD
961 12th Avenue
P.O. Box 3007
Longview, WA 98632

Outages or Emergencies
To report an electrical outage or an emergency involving power, please call the Outage Alert Hotline at (360) 423-1200. Cowlitz PUD customers calling from outside the area may do so toll-free at 1-855-49POWER.

Customers will get a quick response and receive pertinent outage information. The PUD will be able to concentrate on restoring power.

The new automated system is based on primary phone numbers and will not work properly without an accurate primary phone number. If you have outdated contact information with the PUD please call us at (360) 423-2210.

To Make a Public Records Request
Print out the Request for Public Records, complete and sign it, and mail or deliver to the PUD.

To File a Claim for Damages
Print out the PUD Customer Claim for Damages Form, fill it out completely and mail or deliver to the PUD.

Media Contact - Alice Dietz (360) 501-9146

Underground Utility Locates - Call Before You Dig 811

General questions and information:

Accounting - Accounts Receivable/Payable - ( Not monthly electric billing)

(360) 423-2210

Board of Commissioners

(360) 501-9575

Customer Services - Billing questions, PUD account changes, moving in or out and bill paying questions.
Place a SERVICE REQUEST at our My Accounts page.

(360) 423-2210

Employment Information

(360) 501-9220

Energy Efficiency Services - Rebates and Weatherization

(360) 501-9514

Engineering - Underground wire locates, move PUD facilities. Place a SERVICE REQUEST at our My Accounts page.

(360) 501-9546

General Inquiries

(360) 423-2210 or 1-800-631-1131

New Construction - Building a new structure, adding load or meter removal

(360) 423-2210

Operations - Street/Area light out, tree trimming, questions about PUD facilities (poles, wires, transformers, substations, etc.). Place a SERVICE REQUEST at our My Accounts page.

(360) 423-2210

Power Resources

(360) 423-2210

Public Relations/Media

(360) 501-9146

Purchasing - Bid Information

(360) 501-9533

Information Systems - Information regarding computer systems and websites

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