Green Power

Cowlitz PUD has partnered with the Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF) to provide you the opportunity to purchase the third-party certified environmental benefits of additional wind power generated throughout the Pacific Northwest beyond what Cowlitz PUD already provides in our current resource mix. BEF’s renewable option program offers customers the ability to directly purchase Green-e Energy Certified Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) from Pacific Northwest Wind Projects which provide clean, zero-emission wind energy to the Pacific Northwest power grid.

Each block of Renewable Option RECs costs $1.50 per block and represents the environmental attributes of 100 kilowatt-hours of electricity generated from wind energy facilities located throughout the Pacific Northwest.

You can purchase as many REC’s as you want by clicking the button below. BEF will charge you for the cost of your Renewable Option REC purchase and will deliver you proof of purchase identifying your specific product supply by email. Your Cowlitz PUD account and monthly billing are independent of this program and will not be affected by your purchase.

Together your contribution combined with the contributions of other local businesses and individuals will provide funding to support the expansion and further development of northwest renewable energy projects which help reduce the regions use and dependence on fossil fuel-based electricity and overall human impact on the environment.

More information about the Renewable Resource Energy program is available by visiting our office at 961 12th Avenue in Longview or calling us at (360) 423-2210 or (800) 631-1131.

Residential Customers

Buy credits now at the Bonneville Environmental Foundation’s Shrink Your Foot website.

View the BEF Renewable Option Program Brochure (PDF) to learn more.

Business Owners

Buy credits now at the Bonneville Environmental Foundation Business Store website.