Clean Energy Public Process

Posted: July 1, 2021

Cowlitz PUD Seeks Public Input on The Clean Energy Transformation Act

On May 7th, 2019, Governor Jay Inslee signed into law the Clean Energy Transformation ACT (CETA), which commits Washington to an electricity supply clean of greenhouse emissions by 2045. Clean electricity will allow the state to replace fossil fuels in other end uses, especially transportation, and achieve its long-term climate goals.

To aide in this effort, Cowlitz PUD has decided to establish a public engagement process that leverages existing relationships with both community organizations and interested individual within Cowlitz County.  The objective of this process is to jointly develop a set of indicators (i.e. utility programs) that can be used by Cowlitz PUD to gauge effectiveness in reducing burdens and risks for under-represented populations within our service territory. CETA specifically refers to these populations as either the highly impacted communities or vulnerable populations. By working together, Cowlitz PUD hopes that we can identify these populations, understand obstacles preventing access to programs and develop strategies to ensure equity in the planning and distribution of clean energy benefits.

The Public Process will begin on July 1st; followed by a series of facilitated focus groups through August 24th of this year. Cowlitz PUD will utilize the feedback gathered during the Public Process to inform and develop the implementation of CETA with equity and inclusivity as it’s guiding principals.


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