Conservation Potential Assessment

Cowlitz PUD is required by law (I-937/EIA) to update its Conservation Potential Assessment (CPA) every two years and provide an energy efficiency/conservation analysis or assessment for a 10-year period. Energy Savings for a two-year period are taken from that 10-year estimate in this analysis to provide a target for the PUD.

The assessment or CPA tells us how much energy efficiency or conservation is available in our service territory. This analysis is performed using a lot of data including county building data, historical energy efficiency/conservation at the PUD and other local, state and regional data points.

Our CPA resultsĀ informs the Board-adoptedĀ target for energy savings for a two-year period.

From here, the Energy Efficiency Services Department plans the effort to support customers and meet our legal obligations under this law.


2018-2027 Conservation Potential Assessment (Nov 17, 2017)
Resolution #2738 (adopted by Board of Commissioners 12/12/17)

Previous CPAs

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2014-2023 CPA (Exec Summary)
2012-2021 CPA (Exec Summary)
2010-2019 CPA (Full Report)


RCW 19.285
WAC 194-37

State Auditor Reports

SAO Report 2012-2013
SAO Report 2010-2012