Discounted Rate Program

Cowlitz PUD offers the Discounted Rate Program which is a reduced electric rate for qualifying low-income senior citizens or disabled customers. Cowlitz PUD and Lower Columbia CAP work cooperatively on this program.

Enrollment runs from July through October of each year for the Discount Rate program. See the guidelines below to find out if you may qualify.

If you believe you meet the requirements listed below, or know someone else who may, contact Cowlitz PUD or Lower Columbia CAP to find out more.

Qualifications & Requirements

The applicant must meet low-income standards as determined by the Federal Poverty Level, occupy the premise, be a listed customer on the account AND

  • Senior: At least 62 years old by December 31 of the current year OR
  • Disabled: Qualified for special parking privileges under RCW 46.16.381(1) (a through h) or a blind person as defined in RCW 74.18.020(4), or are a disabled, handicapped, or incapacitated person as defined under RCW 71A.10.020(3) or any other existing state or federal program. A physician’s certificate is required if the customer does not have a disabled parking permit.

The applicant must apply for the discounted rate and meet with Lower Columbia CAP to provide proof of income, residency and age or disability.

Annual gross household income will be calculated based on a review of all related financial records. The gross household income will determine the level of the rate discount as shown in the chart below:

Persons in HH 25% DISCOUNT
Gross HH Income Max
Gross HH Income Max
1 $15,950 $22,330
2 $21,550 $30,170
3 $27,150 $38,010
4 $32,750 $45,850
5 $38,350 $53,690
6 $43,950 $61,530

The discounted rate must be reapplied for every two years, during the enrollment period. Discounts that are set to expire in 2020 will be auto-renewed – no appointment required.

Low-income discount applies only to a primary residence and is not available for seasonal or other secondary residences. Businesses are not eligible for a discounted rate.

Application Process

  1. Download and print your application here or pick one up at our main office located at 961 12th Avenue.
  2. Contact Lower Columbia CAP at 360-425-3430 ext. 231 between July 7 and October 30, 2020 to schedule an appointment. Appointments are offered July 21 through November 30, 2020.
    Don’t forget: Cowlitz PUD requires a completed Lower Columbia CAP Authorization to Release Utility Information form (PDF) on file prior to releasing customer information to CAP. Cowlitz PUD also requires a completed Third Party Authorization Form (PDF) for any other persons not already on the account needing information. These forms are also available at the Cowlitz PUD office.
  3. Lower Columbia CAP makes the final determination of eligibility then informs the applicant and Cowlitz PUD of its decision. Once Cowlitz PUD receives the approval notification from Lower Columbia CAP, the discounted rate will go into effect.


Contact Cowlitz PUD via email or by phone at 360-423-2210 or 800-631-1131. During the enrollment period, you may also contact Lower Columbia CAP at 360-425-3430 ext. 231.

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