eBill (Paperless Billing)

Paperless Billing Benefits

  • Safety and security
  • Quick and easy access from any computer, tablet or smart phone device, 24/7
  • Current and past bills are accessible for viewing or printing with just a click or tap
  • Download, save or print only the bills you need
  • Saves resources: paper, envelopes, checks, stamps
  • Receive an email when your bill is available to view and pay

How to Sign Up

Sign up for paperless billing with My Account or by contacting a Customer Service Representative at (360) 423-2210.

Customers signing up for eBill will receive an email confirming setup. Normally, eBill setup is complete prior to the next billing cycle, but depending on timing, it may take as long as the second billing cycle (up to 45 days) to complete.


If you have any questions about the program, please call a Customer Service Representative at (360) 423-2210.