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Here you will find the latest information on Cowlitz PUD’s energy efficiency programs, required forms for bidding and rebates, links to videos to help you understand Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) requirements as well as information on how to participate in Cowlitz PUD Residential and Commercial Energy Efficiency programs.

If you have additional questions, please email us at or call Energy Efficiency Services at (360) 501-9514. Rebate amounts change periodically, so please verify current rebates before you bid.


PTCS Heat Pump Program

Contractors who are certified for the Bonneville Power Administration’s Performance Tested Comfort Systems (PTCS) heat pump program are welcome to apply to Cowlitz PUD’s program. There is a requirement to complete at least two (2) PTCS installations each year and maintain a performance bond on file with Cowlitz PUD. Only PTCS certified contractors currently on the Cowlitz PUD list are eligible to offer rebates for heat pump installations.

Ductless Heat Pump

Contractors who are participating in the Comfort Ready Home Program through the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) are eligible to install and offer rebates for Cowlitz PUD customers. Contractors are responsible for pulling permits and may not defer permits to their customers. Contractors wishing to offer an “instant rebate” to their customer, shall request the customer’s signature on the rebate form. If this option is chosen by the customer, the contractor must show the discount on the customer invoice after sales tax is applied. Contractors can complete the rebate form, attach a copy of the AHRI certificate and final invoice, and submit it to Cowlitz PUD.

Insulation & Window Courtesy Contractors

Contractors who are interested in installing insulation and windows can offer rebates to Cowlitz PUD customers. However, it is not a requirement to be on the Cowlitz PUD Courtesy Contractor List.  Any contractor who is licensed/bonded with the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries is eligible. We ask that contractors successfully complete five projects before we will add your company information to our Courtesy List. Insulation and window rebates must be pre-approved.

Smart Thermostats

Cowlitz PUD offers rebates for Smart thermostats for customers who heat with electric forced-air furnaces and heat pumps. Contractor-installed Smart thermostats qualify for a $165 rebate; customer-installed thermostats qualify for a $140 rebate. Provide a copy of your receipt with a completed rebate form.

Heat Pump Water Heaters

Cowlitz PUD offers a $600 rebate for heat pump water heaters when replacing an existing electric storage-tank water heater because they use approximately 65-70% less electricity. They can be installed by a licensed contractor or by a homeowner. Provide a copy of your receipt with a completed rebate form.

Ductless Heat pumps (DHPs)

Contractors participating in the NW Ductless Program are eligible to install and offer rebates for Commercial Ductless Heat Pumps for Cowlitz PUD commercial customers. Contractors should send a completed DHP Project Information Form, AHRI certificate, and final invoice to Cowlitz PUD at The rebate for a ductless heat pump retrofit is $1,000/ton, a ductless heat pump upgrade is $300/ton. Minimum specifications for Commercial DHPs are listed below:

Mini-Split or Non-Ducted: 11.0 HSPF or 10.4 HSPF2
Ducted or Mixed: 10.0 HSPF or 9.4 HSPF2

Heat Pumps (HVAC)

There are no PTCS requirements for Commercial ducted HVAC installations and contractors are not required to be on a Qualified PUD Contractor List. Minimum efficiency specifications for commercial air-to-air heat pump equipment can be found here on page 49 of the BPA implementation manual. Cowlitz PUD offers a rebate of $1,000/ton for retrofit installations (converting from electric-resistance heat to a heat pump).  The rebate is $150/ton for HVAC upgrades (replacing an old heat pump with a new heat pump).

Heat Pump Water Heater (Hybrid Water Heaters)

Cowlitz PUD offers a $600 rebate for Heat Pump Water Heaters installed in commercial properties.


Cowlitz PUD offers incentives for commercial businesses to upgrade to LED lighting. Customers may self-install products or work with a contractor to complete their projects. All lighting upgrade projects must be pre-approved. A current Lighting Calculator may be found here:

Shell Measures

Connected Thermostats

Cowlitz PUD offers a rebate of $150 for commercial customers with electric forced-air furnaces or heat pumps. Provide a completed Project Information Form along with a final invoice to

Additional Information

Additional information can be found in the BPA Implementation Manual.

More information regarding how to complete Commercial Project Information Forms can be found on the Trade Ally Network NW.

We strongly encourage HVAC contractors to participate with Trade Ally Network NW. They offer free training, and they are a great resource.