Energy Efficiency Presentations

Cowlitz PUD’s Energy Efficiency Team is now offering short presentations on energy efficiency and conservation measures to organizations in our community. We will explain the difference between energy efficiency and conservation, why it’s important for our customers, what the benefits are, and how Cowlitz PUD can help to educate your organization’s members. Understanding how energy efficiency and conservation benefits property holders and tenants is a vital element of our outreach to our customers.

Presentation Topics

Community stakeholders (landlords, property management companies, homeowner associations, public housing organizations, scouting groups, etc) can request presentations on Energy Efficiency Principles, HVAC, Shell Measures, manufactured homes, and ask your unique questions to experienced PUD staff. We can help with questions such as

  • Do I need to add insulation?
  • Is upgrading my windows a good idea?
  • How do I know when I should replace my water heater?
  • What incentives are available for me to improve the efficiency of my property?
  • Is financing available for improvements?

These presentations can be tailored for your needs.

Request a Presentation

Please submit the form below to schedule your presentation or to contact us for more information. At this time, all presentations will be conducted online and will last approximately one hour unless another length is requested.

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