Tree Trimming Request/Trouble Ticket

Cowlitz PUD actively limbs and brushes trees encroaching on our powerlines throughout the year. Trees that are unstable, diseased, dead or leaning toward the electric facilities don’t need to touch power lines to be dangerous. 

Who is responsible for tree trimming?  It depends. Cowlitz PUD is responsible for trimming or removing trees that encroach on high-voltage primary electric distribution wires.  Customers are responsible for keeping trees, branches and brush clear of the service wire. Service wire is the electric wire that delivers power from the service transformer to the customers home, or building. 

If you spot a tree or large branch that is close to the high-voltage primary electric distribution powerlines and think it poses a safety concern, or could be a potential issue for powerlines, please let us know either by filling out the form below or by calling us at (360) 423-2210.  

Click here for a list of trees and shrubs that are compatible near powerlines.

Click here for a webmap of Tree Trimming Status in the district

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