Hybrid Water Heater $600 Rebate

Posted: August 1, 2023

What’s the big deal about hybrid water heaters?

A hybrid water heater provides the same supply of hot water you’ve grown accustomed to, but with less cost!

Standard shortage
tank water heater:
  • Uses two 4500-watt elements to heat the water. This type of electric resistance heat is an inefficient way to heat water.
Hybrid water heater:
  • Has a small heat pump on top of the tank that uses heat pump technology to heat water while receiving the same, reliable hot water and using up to 60% less energy.
  • Can heat water solely using the heat pump, or the heating elements.

Hybrid water heaters save a lot of money and energy when they are in heat pump mode, which means they need a lot of air to operate properly. A hybrid water heater needs to be installed where it has access to 700 cubic feet of air; this is equivalent to an 8’x10’ room. Garages are the ideal place, but you can install them in your basement as well. Mechanical closets are not typically going to be good options unless you vent the water heater to get air from outside. Vent kits are available at most hardware stores.

Cowlitz PUD offers a rebate if you replace a standard electric water heater with a hybrid water heater.

Available rebates:

  • 40 gallon tank: $700
  • BPA Tier 3, 50 gallons and above: $800
  • BPA Tier 4, 50 gallons and above: $900

We do not require you to have your water heater installed by a licensed contractor. There is a video on our website  if you want to see how to install one.

  • Save money by ordering from the Cowlitz PUD website
  • Free delivery to residents of Cowlitz County
  • 10-year warranty
  • Easy to install (or use one of our Courtesy Contractors listed on our website


Make the switch to a new hybrid water heater!

Water Heater Estimates 50-Gallon Standard Electric

Water Heater

50-Gallon Heat Pump

Water Heater

Monthly cost $30 $10
Annual cost $359 $121
Lifetime savings $0 $1,568
Rebates and tax credits No Yes
Warranty (tank and parts) 6 Years Typically, 10 years