Annual Report

Cowlitz PUD serves electricity to 48,500 residential, industrial and street lighting customers.


Financial Statements

Fuel Mix

Cowlitz PUD buys over 90 percent of its wholesale power from Bonneville Power Administration. The majority of the BPA power comes from the Columbia River system hydroelectric projects. BPA also sells the output of the Columbia Generating System (nuclear plant) near Richland, WA, and makes miscellaneous energy purchases on the open market, which may include resources other than hydro.

The rest of the PUD’s power comes from its own Swift No. 2 Hydroelectric Project on the Lewis River (near Cougar, WA).

According to data provided by the Washington State Department of Community, Trade and Economic Development, here’s the most recent breakdown of Cowlitz PUD’s fuel sources:

Fuel Type PUD Mix
Biogas 0.00%
Biomass 1.54%
Coal 0.06%
Geothermal 0.00%
Hydro 71.69%
Natural Gas 0.38%
Nuclear 8.80%
Other Biogenic 0.03%
Other Non-Biogenic 0.00%
Petroleum 0.00%
Solar 0.01%
Waste 0.00%
Wind 7.91%
Unspecified 9.58%
Total 100.00%