2020-22 Strategic Plan


Provide customers safe, reliable, cost-effective, and sustainable energy.


Connecting customers and energy to power Cowlitz County’s future.

Through our Strategic Planning process, Cowlitz PUD prioritized the following initiatives for the coming years in accordance with our mission and vision:

  • Implement user-friendly technology that is easily accessible through multiple devices to provide our customers easy access to billing and account information as well as up-to-date outage and restoration information
  • Improve the efficiency of meter reads and replace end-of-life equipment by implementing a replacement program that will reduce annual maintenance, labor, and repair costs
  • Cowlitz PUD will continue to represent its ratepayers’ desire for cost-effective power by participating in Bonneville Power Administration’s (BPA) budget and rate process, encouraging efficiency, prudent cost reduction, and the optimization of BPA’s hydroelectric system
  • Inform and engage our customers and legislators on the costs, benefits, and challenges of implementing Washington’s Clean Energy Transformation Act, and advocate for reasonable energy policy solutions
  • Identify and prepare Cowlitz PUD with supplies and communication plans that are necessary to protect and support the infrastructure in the case of an extended emergency outage