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Nature disclaimer: Ospreys are wild birds and anything can happen in the wild. You will see life and you might see death, but this is nature at its finest. This video is best viewed on Chrome or Firefox. To view this live feed from Internet Explorer you will have to install a plugin.

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Osprey Cam

Osprey News

We are excited that our second OspreyCam season should begin shortly! Last year Watt-Sun arrived March 23 and Electra on March 25, which is right around the corner. Be sure to tune in for their hopeful return to their summer home here in Cowlitz County. 

– Cascade Networks & Cowlitz PUD

About Our Osprey Cam

Osprey love to nest on high structures near good fishing grounds, therefore tall power poles can look like a great place to build a nest. Their nests can cause power outages and fires when sticks interfere with electrical equipment.

This was the case in April 2000 when an osprey pair attempted to build a nest on Cowlitz PUD's distribution pole. Our line crews deemed this a safety risk for the public and for the osprey, so we designed and built an alternate higher nesting platform, near the same pole where they originally tried to build a nest.

The ospreys accepted the alternate nesting platform and for 15 years, a pair has been returning to their summer home in Cowlitz County. We look forward to their arrival this spring and are excited to launch, in partnership with Cascade Networks, a live video feed that will allow viewers to observe these wild birds in their natural environment.

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